90% of the goods are transported by ships. Therefore shipping plays a crucial role in global transportation. According to accident investigation 80 % the shipping accidents are attributable to human error. Hence, improving human factor practices on ships is considered to result in safer shipping operations.

In terms of good human factor practices related to safety, aviation is regarded as one of the leading sectors. So, current human factor methodologies and practices which are successfully implemented in aviation sector can be transferred to shipping in order to achieve significant safety improvements.

Who We Are

SEAHORSE is a leap forward towards shipping safety achieved through technology transfer from air transport to marine transport focusing on human factors problems in an innovative, integrated and multidisciplinary manner towards safer and more resilient shipping operations.

Ship in water

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SEAHORSE Project received the Maritime Safety Award 2016

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7th REA Symposium, 26-29 June 2017

To support the research community in resilience, we would like to share with you the announcement of the 7th Symposium of the Resilience Engineering Association.

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What Experts Say

SEAHORSE Project is a unique opportunity to for us to achieve safer and more resilient shipping operations through transferring proven human factors and resilience concepts from air transport to maritime transport.

Rafet Emek Kurt

Rafet Emek Kurt
University of Strathclyde

SEAHORSE is an excellent example of exploitation of lessons learnt about Human Factors and Safety from aviation to maritime and the other way around. The comparison between the two domains represent an opportunity for the adoption of coherent safety approaches and standards across modes at European level.

Sara Silvagni

Sara Silvagni
Deep Blue Srl

If we are to make significant strides in Safety, we must all be prepared to share information and learn from each other.  This breakthrough project seeks to achieve that objective by bringing together two major transportation industries and academia.

Harry Nelson

Harry Nelson

SEAHORSE represents an opportunity to develop a methodology to transfer safety innovation from one sector to another in a principled, rigorous and systematic way - thereby ensuring the consortium's end-users achieve impact in their operations.

Paul Liston

Paul Liston
Trinity College Dublin